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Octoate's News - Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) 3.4.0

Started by NewsBot, 14:00, 12 April 14

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Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) 3.4.0
12 April 2014, 3:30 pm

A new version of the SDCC C compiler is available. You can use SDCC to develop for the Amstrad CPC, e.g. with using the SDCC Code::Blocks template or the programming tutorials by Mochilote. The new version contains also some optimisations for the Z80 port, so be sure to update it. You can download it from


  • New TLCS90 (Toshiba Z80 clone) target support
  • New STMicroelectronics STM8 target support
  • Support for named address spaces in ROM
  • Detects supported devices by gputils when building SDCC
  • Numerous feature requests and bug fixes are included as well.

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