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Further to the political flag i had drawn, we co-operated with @VincentGR and his older <Andreas> image, @manossg put the music of the <anthem> on Arkos tracker and BASIC, and now we managed to make the video!

It is difficult to explain to non Greeks that this is not a political video, only retro-fun, as it refers to an older era that the economy was surely in better condition, but with a culture of spending without thinking about it. Sorry, I cant explain it better!

Surely co-operation can get better results!


Eg. @Gryzor need your comments!! :D :D 

That was awesome :D The techno mix was really good actually, and the 'original' bleep-blop at the end was the cherry on top (plus the digi image of course). My toddler son also found it pretty amusing :D

Too bad we didn't include "tha tha tha" with the speech program.

Only if it was Harry Klynn samples :D



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