Programs from Home Computing Weekly 84/85

Started by AMSDOS, 10:36, 05 January 16

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The Home Computing Weekly page is now up to date, with a link to all the 40 programs from within it's pages on CPC-Power.

Because some of this stuff was so early, those programs will be on a CDT image (Easy-Edit & Extensions), some of the games sounded interesting until I started playing them and found them downright tricky (Chooky Chick & Firefox), others was perhaps a tad easy (Tharok Attack & Speed Kings). There were also a few Text Adventure Games, I haven't been able to play them through to know if they are completely bug free, I hope they are.

I had more fun with the earlier Simon game, Gunboats, Grid Warrior that played a bit differently on a 6128 initially, but was able to sort that out & Championship Darts, the last 2 games were published later on in an Australian Magazine (The Amstrad User) during it's last phases as The PC Mag.

* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
* I also like to problem solve code in BASIC :)   * And type-in Type-Ins! :D

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Thanks for the edits and the pointer mate!

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