Psytronik CPC releases now available in clam shell cases.

Started by Axelay, 06:51, 02 April 17

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Hi all

Some news that might interest some of the collectors out there. Kenz at Psytronik has managed to get hold of a small number of clam shell style cases, so there is a limited number of the cassette versions of the Psytronik CPC releases available with this style case, which you can find here.

They include Dead on Time, Sub Hunter, Relentless, and Star Sabre.  The first three of those games are identical to their previous releases aside from coming in the new clam shell case.  Star Sabre has not been released on cassette through Psytronik before though, and this new tape release includes the 64k version on one side updated with the 128k versions' loading screen, along with the 128k version of the game on the flip side.

Kenz asked me to mention that the tapes are being produced in batches of 5, so if a game is showing out of stock, dont worry as more will follow shortly.


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