RAM Music Machine on ebay uk

Started by zhulien, 16:08, 21 December 20

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I'm not associated with the seller, but it is a good hardware to pickup.


the seller has a few other CPC bits too. DD1 interface & drive (split between 2 auctions), DkTronics 64k RAM.


also note: please ignore this thread, I just found the generic on-going ebay thread and will use that for future spottings.


Huh, never seen one of these... pity it's untested.

More info here: http://www.cpcwiki.eu/index.php/Music_Machine


They are a very basic Midi interface with an amplifier. Even if it's not working, it would be simple to repair.



Well, therefore I would prefer the LambdaSpeak.  :) :) :)
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It's MIDI IN at least (reading Amstrad Computer User's review), but is it MIDI out also ?
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I'd be very suprised if they didn't offer Midi out. Midi is just a glorified RS232 signal and they use an MC6850 which can handle both in and out.


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