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Release of Amstrad Cpc Crtc Compendium (and Amazing Demo Rev 2021)

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Hello all,
I have just published a new version of the Amazing Demo with an additional part that introduces a comprehensive document on the CRTC (and a few other peripheral circuits).

This demo is compatible with all CPCs, regardless of their CRTC.
For the moment, the Amstrad Cpc Crtc Compendium document is in only available in French, but an English version is under preparation.

Please be patient (or misuse Google Translate  ;) )


>170 pages of information. I am deeply impressed!

Unfortunately can't be translated as Google only accepts documents up to 10MB. Would you be able to publish it as HTML on a Website? With that, we could all translate to whatever language we prefer.

Looks amazing.  Eagerly anticipating the English version!  :)


For the people willing more details about what this release really means for the Amstrad community, I just updated my personal website with a dedicated news for this AMAZING effort from @Longshot / LOGON SYSTEM :)


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