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Retro Madrid 2010

Started by MacDeath, 16:24, 10 March 10

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Ok, I'll get my plane in a few hours.

I start this topic so we may discuss this.

I'll probably put links and pictures too, if I can manage access to internet there...

See You. ;D

Official link :

Link to the GUA : GRUPO DE USUARIOS DE AMSTRAD (Amstrad User Group) :
(in spanish)
(google translated)


Ok, arrived yesterday at Madrid

Sweet city

Jaimes "ALT" is impressive, I shall put pictures of the collection soon...


Ahhhh have fun man! Wish I were there...


OK, back in Valence France...

Those spanish are locos...

I'll put some pictures of course.

Oh, and I've been on spanish TV playing arcade Black Dragon at Jaimes's lair.


Hey, lousy french man!

Don't forget to send me our picture together!

It was very fun to meet you. You'll have to make a good party in France so we can go there to watch hot french chicks  :P


I'm in a hurry, trying to put everything back on its place but... Here are some pictures!


OMG how cool!!!

wish i was there from the pics it looked like a fantastic meet  how cool did u guys look wearing cpc    t - shirts :)

so many pictures so many great things....

what were those minituare arcade consoles never seen that b4 ?

ah looks like so much fun

what was the code on the projector ? looked like winape being used ?

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