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Breakpoint 2010

Started by Apollo, 23:33, 31 March 10

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Hi all,
I know that this is not really a "Retro" event but demo programming itself becomes a retro event as this will be the last demoparty they will be held.

It is a pure demoparty so no leechers or gamers allowed and it will be held from 2nd - 5th April in Bingen/Rhine.
I know I am a bit late to ask here but is anybody coming to this party too? I will be there with one of my CPC6128+ and use the time for a bit retro coding.
Would be cool if there could be some CPC users on this party to represent a fair share on the retro computer scene!!

If you cannot come the whole 4 days, there are also short-visitor tickets for sunday to monday.

Hope to see some of you!

CPC - My beloved first computer!


Thanks, now I just need to find them. Got pretty late to the party so almost no space left, not to talk about a good one to see the main screen.
I am sitting, looking on the main screen, on the right side almost besides the loudspeakers and BASS is giving a nice show!
So where is the rest?
CPC - My beloved first computer!

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