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Started by XyphoesRe, 10:39, 08 April 15

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Oh i would more like an hour of "Best vs. Worst" - but you wont know which one is what :)


Well, you can make something like "top-rated songs of the month", besides having the all-time top-10.


I have just put this tune in to my **list, it's awful, annoying and probably the WORST tunes I have ever heard on a radio! I always turn the radio station off when this plays  :-X
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Heheh works perfectly on my Kodi media player, much to the annoyance of the significant other




Got it working on my PS3 too which is nice cos I've been using that to play music on a lot lately while I code my games on the laptop so I have a bit more speed out of my laptop.  :)

Haven't figured out how to get the artist and track title showing on it yet though.
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Hm, still not figured out how to get track and artist names but I did figure out how to assign an image file from the rolandradio site to the stream.

Favorite CPC games: Count Duckula 3, Oh Mummy Returns, RoboCop Resurrection, Tankbusters Afterlife


I am loving this. I put it on when I'm working on lesson plans for my class & I put it on when I study at home. My partner has reliably told me "it's not real music you know... It's supposed to be played with the game..."

Bless her, she doesn't really get it :)


Well, everyone is entitled to have an opinion...  :laugh:


That's not an opinion, it's WRONG. And this is not an opinion.


Some new tunes on the station.

Is someone interested to do a little Amstrad CPC podcast or kind of ,,show" to be played on Roland radio once in a while?
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I've been waiting for a CPC podcast for a while...


This is one of the best things ever.
I've since passed it round my Office.
Thanks for your hard work!

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