Shadow Party 2021

Started by logiker, 22:17, 21 May 21

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Shadow Party 2021 runs form 21.-23. May 2021.
Besides the usual categories and shader showdowns,
there are some CPC entries that will be released there as far as I know.


When will we have to join the party?


I heard about entries in following categories:
- Intro or Demo (not sure)
- Wild
The timetable can be found here:
It says 6pm, but don't expect everything on time. It could be later or even earlier.
Also, other events might be of interest as well.


Main parts of Shadow Party 2021 are going to start soonish.


Anything of interest? :)


Well, there were 6 releases for the CPC!
3 intros
1 Music
1 AMSCII picture
1 Wild

I think that is awesome from an Amstradian point of view!

And the Wild 'AR Demo' called "First Reality" was amazing as well.

You can get a nice overview at Demozoo:
Check it out!


Nice, lunch time settled :)


Quote from: Gryzor on 09:47, 24 May 21
Anything of interest? :)

I personally have most interest in my own intro.  ;)

A true 3D star field in overscan!

Dsk, videos, photos, see'2021-a-cpc-odyssey'-by-cpcitor
Had a CPC since 1985, currently software dev professional, including embedded systems.

I made in 2013 the first CPC cross-dev environment that auto-installs C compiler and tools: cpc-dev-tool-chain: a portable toolchain for C/ASM development targetting CPC, later forked into CPCTelera.

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