The end of UK repairs.

Started by Bryce, 17:51, 30 September 21

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Quote from: ralferoo on 13:20, 01 December 21
I've not looked into this since Brexit, but previously when I've seen discussions about this issue coming up in other contexts (usually UK-USA), I read that there are specific exemptions for both VAT and import duty which could be relevant to repairs. If you re-export a product within a certain time frame and keep all the documentation, it is possible to claim back all the import expenses, and likewise if you can prove you exported something for repair you are not liable for import duties on it again. Of course, you are subject to VAT on any added value or services performed, and so if Bryce charged any money at all he'd still have paperwork to deal with.

Even before Brexit, importing and exporting anything internationally was a real pain. There is a lot of paperwork, and you have to get all the correct classification codes, etc., and it's really only worthwhile to deal with that stuff if you're a larger company with a sizeable international market. I know several people running companies pre-Brexit who turned turn down quite large international deals because for a one-off customer, it wasn't worth doing all the paperwork, even if it would represent 10% of their income that year.

Bryce has already been super generous over the years donating his time to help people out, but it's a bit unfair to suggest that any of these new regulations are somehow his fault, or even a problem he needs to deal with. He's right to prioritise doing things he enjoys in his spare time, and if that's fixing random old hardware rather than dealing with mountains of paperwork, with legal liability and potential fines if he makes any mistakes, that's his choice.

The simple reality is that the UK walked away from the best trade agreement we've ever had as a nation since we stopped sailing round the world and using military means to negotiate trade deals. We annulled years and years of concessions, which were the envy of the other member states who joined later. As a nation we have to accept that we will never get as good a trade deal again, simply because we no longer have a market that's significant enough to the rest of the world for them to give much ground in any negotiations. At the moment most people in Britain still seem to be blaming Europe because they keep offering us deals that are worse than what we had before, and until we can collectively get our heads around the fact that this was all self-inflicted and start working out what Britain actually has to offer to the rest of the world, things aren't going to get any better.

And as for sending parcels as gifts, the UK customs has been trying to crack down on that for years, as it was well known that lots of people were abusing it. I can't imagine the German or EU customs being any more lenient on the issue, and if Bryce is frequently getting large heavy parcels that are always just below the gift threshold, they'll notice eventually, open one up and assess its value themselves. If it's claimed as a £20 gift and they're selling for £100 on ebay, then they'll start opening every package he receives.

Yes, I agree. Thank you for your reply.

Looking forward to summer in Somerset :-)


Quoteit is possible to claim back all the import expenses"

And, do you think that someone doing repair as hobby, would like to pay first the tax to pick-up the items, and next waste his time to hope to be refund? Because the problem is not only in the "xxx -> UK" way but both.
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I have buy a spectrum ula. (Amstrad 40077) in the uk.

As a long history a +3 y bought not tested that have the poor gate array broken.. And the ram.. And the fdc.. And the keyboard..

Well ebay charge me iva....(around 10e) And when the ula arrive correos charge me another iva... Around 15e.

Yeah I paid iva two times. Then after claim to ebay. Ebay refund me the iva...

So I paid extra 15e. For a little square chip.

I really don't want buy in uk, only if it's totally necessary.

Tha packet have the ioss number in big letters in all the packet.

They don't matter it. :D.

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