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X-MEM, a new memory expansion for all CPC.

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Hello everyone,

Like you know, I have open pre-orders about a new memory expansion for ALL CPC, some weeks ago.
The X-MEM is an all-in-one ROM/RAM board measuring the half of a 3" floppy disc!
It's compatible with the MotherX4 multi-slots. (can be used with your existing ribbon cable)


The ROM part is a flash memory than can be programmed from the CPC for adding common resident programs.
The main advantage is to allow to customize the boot by replacing the Lower/Upper ROM 0 for a full softwares compatibility.

- 464 with switch to BASIC 1.1 and FW3.0
- 6128 with switch to BASIC 1.0 and FW 1.0
- 6128 with switch to BASIC 1.1 and FW3.x

The RAM part is compatible with Amstrad / DK'Tronics / Dobbertin expansions.
The main advantage is to allow to handle all the PAL modes (RMR) over the 512K of memory (C0-FF).

The memory should be used as a RAM Drive C and can be shared with CP/M. (here boot from FW3.13 and CP/M ROM)
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The X-MEM push all CPC to the same level of compatibility.
The package includes:
- X-MEM board
- Get started! notice
- 3" tools floppy disc

You can preorder here: CentPourCent [dot net]

I will try to add informations to this post if you ask nice questions.  ;D
I would like to thanks SyX and gerald for their precious help and support.  8)

Here a video showing Discology using the X-MEM as big buffer to copy a 3"1/2 80 track floppy in one pass only.  ;D

DISCOLOGY 512K - YouTube

can't wait to get my hands on mine... the 1st may in "hand-clean" ?


--- Quote from: MacDeath on 04:17, 27 April 14 ---can't wait to get my hands on mine... the 1st may in "hand-clean" ?
--- End quote ---
May be...

Without surprise, you can now use SymbOS as alternative operating system on your CPC.
Sadly, SymbOS don't support the standard CP/M Ram Disc on drive C.

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