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Documentary - Digitale Verlustzone - Wie Deutschland den Anschluss verlor

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So, I've had my 15 minutes of fame in the 90s due to some interview in local TV of which a scene will be shown every now and then (no details).

Some higher force in this universe apparently thought that once was not enough. Imagine my surprise while watching this documentary, when they showed me with almasys sitting before a CPC at last year's XZentriX party.
(the mentioned part starts at 13:23; the video will be online until 25.05.2020)

Well, I knew parts of the recording from that day will be shown eventually, but I stumbled upon this by chance which makes it weird. It also seems they needed to cut down the size of the bit and deleted the interviews others were giving (I myself tried to evade them as much as possible). I guess a gray haired guy just seemed to fit their narrative better than enthusiasts talking about their hobby.

Nice mouse you have !

(just joking  ;D )

The guy in the smurf costume should better watch out not to short out his printer port with all that wild Arduino cable junk coming out of the port. Looks like a recipe for disaster!  :'(

Interesting documentary  :D

Ha, they showed the Lambda Speak III and the ROManager. Best hardware and software got its spot.  8) 8) 8)


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