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evoke 2011

Started by ralferoo, 13:18, 10 August 11

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Hallo. Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch, aber ich werde das Evoke Demoparty in Köln an diesem Wochenende. Ist jemand von hier aus werde Evoke? Es wird gut sein, einige Kolleginnen und CPC-Programmierer treffen.


Hi Ralf,
      I live in Cologne. I didn't intend going to evoke, but I'd be around for a beer if you have time. Send me a PM and let me know how we can get in contact when you are here.


P.s. I think I remember UltraSyd telling me that he's here too.


I'd really like to but haven't got the time. And I forgot about it completely as well.

What's even worse, I'd only be standing around there posing as the idiot that I am. :D
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Oh wow. I wasn't expecting such a quick reply!

I'll be staying at the Leonardo Hotel in Waldecker Str, getting there late tomorrow afternoon and meeting up with a friend of the guy I'm travelling with. On Friday, I'd planned to look around the Cathedral at some point but have nothing planned until the demoparty starts at 8pm on Friday. I'm not yet sure what the plan for Saturday is, but I think it'll finish by maybe 2pm or 3pm on Sunday and I'm not flying out until 9pm. I'll PM you my e-mail address / SMS number.

I don't have a demo to show, as I planned on just looking around (it's my first ever demoparty) and maybe finding a bit of time to do a little more coding on a demo I've been working on sporadically. I'll just be using an emulator though as I still haven't figured out why it only works on the first revision 464 with a type 2 crtc and none of the newer models... :)


Well, why don't you come and visit Hannover? ;)

Sorry, I also have no time to take part there in Köln...
But perhaps Bryce has?

Edit: Whooops... just seen.. Bryce already replied ;)
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