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Guess which community will survive the apocalypse...

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After the collapse, this will be the main style of the demoscene.  :)

Yes, I was already prepared.

I'm already in a bunker, along with a 6128, a 6128 Plus a couple of Romboxes with CPM and a portable generator.
So all this speculation is futile - when the last screen flickers and dies on this planet it will read:
"CP/M Plus Amstrad Consumer Electronics plc"

Oh! I forgot to mention the 500 cans of haggis as well....and when they have all been consumed ....there is always........ :o The Neighbours! :o

Now that's a fine idea for a game:
Let's eat the neighbors  ;D

Lame video, but it brings up an intersting topic. How can we store software that will withstand a nuclear war? Maybe a new project, storing all CPC software and firmware on a metal punch cards? But will the computer chips survive a powerful EMP like one from a nuclear bomb blown up high in the atmosphere - HEMP?
Anyway, I like the text introduction to the video: "I have a NEW channel ► "Meet, Arnold!"


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