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Just a little introduction. My name is Seob. I'm a Dutch videogame/computer collector. I signed up to this forum today because i read a thread on a other forum about the gx4000 multicart.
I bought a gx4000 a few years ago on a retrofair. It had a little beatup box, and only one controller, with broken cord. I shortend the cord and now the controller is working again.
But since i only have 1 game for the system, the packin burnin rubber, i hardly play it.
I knew it was difficult to get hold of the games, but i bought it because my first computer was a Schneider cpc464.
We bought that machine in 1986 i think, because one of my friends had one. We bought the version with a monochrome display.
He said i could borrow his games, but after getting the machine, his dad didn't agree. So i was stuck with 1 game, rick dangerous, and the games from listings in magazines.
Later i when i was in england to do a internship, i had a friend in England who had a Amstrad cpc464, that was in 1994, and i played often on his machine.
Later when we bought our first pc, the Schneider went to my cousin.
When i started to collect, i asked him if he had the Schneider, but he didn't remember where it went to.
Since the cpc464 didn't sell very well in the Netherlands, we bought our machine in Germany, it is very difficult to get hold on a new cpc464. Tried a few c64 with a other collector for a cpc464 but somehow that deal never took off.

Welcome Welcome. :)

So what kind of computers were more popular in Netherlands than CPC ?


--- Quote from: ZbyniuR on 02:46, 01 March 15 ---Welcome Welcome. :)

So what kind of computers were more popular in Netherlands than CPC ?

--- End quote ---

The Netherlands went mad for the MSX. Which means they know exactly what it's like to suffer from Speccy ports!

Oh yeah, Philips I guess. :)
I don't think suffer is right word, graphics in MSX is the same, plus hardware sprites and little bit other pallets, so ports from Speccy lose nothing. With CPC was much worse situation.

No the msx had the benefit of Konami games. They produced some of the best msx games.
It's one of my favorit 8 bit systems. 2 weeks ago i put a floppydisk emulator in one of my msx machines that had a broken diskdrive. Best 18 euro spent.


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