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The dangerous of 3.3v in flashcart console cartridges.

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I read about this while on vacation. A real shame and a pity, because I, erm, drive my MegaDrive with an EverDrive... now I'm very hesitant :(

I drive mine with original cartridges  :D but the issue is interesting because I was thinking about buying an Everdride X7, and they are very expensive  :-X

If I recall correctly the 5 model is ok, too, and is significantly cheaper?

Yup, but it is a pity, because I was hoping to play things like Paprium, that is already 80MB, and I was looking forward to the save states. The other option is to mod it to solve the problem... but paying so much for something delicate that you need to mod is a bit crappy  :-X


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