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  1. It is the CPC that makes China Great
  2. Learning to Solder
  3. I'm in
  4. EA Hack
  5. I'm out
  6. One for electrical Engineers. Building a Video Card
  7. Is anyone else drunk?
  8. Electric Love Blueprint
  9. More dance music by me
  10. My 90s eurodance megamix
  11. For fans of synth music/synthpop
  12. Oh Dear............
  13. System Shock Remake, hackers laptop.
  14. Best Xmas present ever?
  15. QAnon
  16. A little humour
  17. Youtube fun
  18. Prohibition remake as Java-applet
  19. Brexit
  20. The future is now?
  21. The Art of Code - Dylan Beattie
  22. Considering buying an amstrad CPC
  23. Ghost 'n Goblins Resurrection
  24. A nice world radio website
  25. Your Top 5 JRPG
  26. IBM CPC, the forerunner of the Amstrad CPC
  27. CPCretrodev "Best Music" awarded by
  28. Looking for some feedback on an idea
  29. Where to buy old region 2 DVD's?
  30. Annoying RPG armour.
  31. Wanted Amstrad DDI-1 Clone (Zaxon) Disk Drive Interface (Australia)
  32. Bagpuss Drum and
  33. Best donation method
  34. Just watched Wreck it Ralph
  35. Chiptune wanted.
  36. Size of staples used for Amstrad Gx4000 manuals
  37. is it still worth it to learn 8086 or X86
  38. is it my eyes or another issue
  39. How to use the same quote twice in a reply?
  40. R-Type shipping issues (from: Space Moves / Toní Ramírez)
  41. Personal Computer World magazine Amstrad articles (1984-85)
  42. Is this Oscilloscope fit for purpose?
  43. Looking for a Netgear NeoTV 550
  44. Long before Skynet there was......
  45. Coronavirus, Self-isolation and the strangeness of it all.
  46. AmiJIm Joke time!
  47. What's this music?
  48. Any font experts around? :-)
  49. Two questions about gamepads
  50. How about a game of Doom? On your blu-ray player?
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