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  1. Wanted Amstrad DDI-1 Clone (Zaxon) Disk Drive Interface (Australia)
  2. Bagpuss Drum and
  3. Best donation method
  4. Just watched Wreck it Ralph
  5. Chiptune wanted.
  6. Size of staples used for Amstrad Gx4000 manuals
  7. is it still worth it to learn 8086 or X86
  8. is it my eyes or another issue
  9. How to use the same quote twice in a reply?
  10. Considering buying an amstrad CPC
  11. R-Type shipping issues (from: Space Moves / Toní Ramírez)
  12. Personal Computer World magazine Amstrad articles (1984-85)
  13. Is this Oscilloscope fit for purpose?
  14. Looking for a Netgear NeoTV 550
  15. Long before Skynet there was......
  16. Coronavirus, Self-isolation and the strangeness of it all.
  17. AmiJIm Joke time!
  18. What's this music?
  19. Any font experts around? :-)
  20. Two questions about gamepads
  21. Is anyone else drunk?
  22. How about a game of Doom? On your blu-ray player?
  23. Any super experts in disc burning here?
  24. CPC464-themed PC keyboard
  25. My review of Nokia 3310 3G
  26. Orba - portable synth/Midi/Looper
  27. Anyone here using the new Nokia 3310?
  28. Big thank for donating JavaCPC
  29. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
  30. From the Plus manual
  31. Something is very wrong with the postal system at the moment.
  32. Should have been promoted? (Humorous story from 2013)
  33. BASIC and the Nintendo Switch
  34. Cheap RasPi plotter - could it be done with CPC
  35. Someone is seeking Chickin' Chase
  36. This needs to be a game and in the Olympics:)
  37. On the cadge... Race4Life...
  38. If the amstrad CPC 464 had no sprites, how were games made?
  39. Windows 10 on a commodore PET
  40. Which eBook format do you prefer?
  41. Finding audio loop points with pattern recognising tools?
  42. BASIC games from other computers you want to play on CPC ?
  43. A very annoying bug regarding the forum...
  44. Sleight of hand
  45. A good modern TV for retro computers?
  46. Windows 10 from 1968
  47. Software licences blah blah
  48. Has any body connected an Amstrad Monitor CTM644 to an Amiga (500) ?
  49. Youtube fun
  50. Munzee
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