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Advanced Amstrad Programming by David Lawrence
« on: 01:31, 30 August 12 »
Hi All,

I've just been reading Advanced Amstrad Programming by David Lawrence and was curious as to whether anyone here knows anything about the author?

I was discussing the book with a colleague of mine & he reckons (& I agree) that David might have been a mainframe / minicomputer programmer prior to writing about the CPC ... he takes a very professional approach, more so than many hobbyist-micro books I've read.


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Re: Advanced Amstrad Programming by David Lawrence
« Reply #1 on: 12:28, 08 September 12 »
Unsure what David's background is. I was fortunate to find "The Working Amstrad - a library of practical subroutines and programs" by David Lawrence & Simon Lane. It doesn't say a great deal about David Lawrence on the back cover, except he is "the author of several best-selling computer books including The Working Commodore 64, Advanced Programming Techniques on your Commodore 64 and The Working Spectrum."

Unfortunately there wasn't much else to go from that. Unsure when "Advanced Amstrad Programming" came out, my copy of "The Working Amstrad" is dated 1984 and is targeting BASIC 1.0 - looks like a bit of a typo on the Books Page (dating it to 1985).  :)
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