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Batman Group's latest production...

Started by rexbeng, 23:07, 10 December 22

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Downloaded via lubricator on my A1200 a few hours ago, and watched it on the real thing.
Just amazing.


Looking forward to trying this on my A1200, looks fantastic!!!

I thought it was an AGA demo, wow if it's OCS.
6128 for the win!!!


Batman Group does it again!!!
Epic presentation and music, I lost it on the TBL joke at the end.
I made two disks and tried on my A1200 with 68030 accelerator (even though the demo is pure OCS A500 but I don't have one) and it works fine!


That is very cool and yeah runs on Amiga 500. :O
Fave part was all them triangles forming the big Batman towards the end. 

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It's a huge level up, especially for an Amiga OCS 1M
Everything is smooth, the storyboard is perfect and the soundtrack is barely awesome :o
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Yes that was indeed an amazing show and, yes, Rhino even took his puns to the next level (referring to the TBL/crow). Rhino & friends really do know their game. There's only one thing I get puzzled about; the more I believe they are capable of doing the GOAT demo on OCS Amiga, the more I wonder if their 'batman-theme' fixation will in fact hold them back from achieving this. Of course in the end it's the fixations that drive us, but still I wonder.



I usually dislike the Paula sound but here they show how good it can be. Truely amazing that this comes out of an A500.


is it possible to add a survey about how many times you saw the demo since it came out? ;D
My pronouns are RASM and ACE


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From the real thing, sorry for the glare.

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