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Re: Catfish
« Reply #25 on: 20:17, 14 February 13 »
"Catfishing" was on the BBC radio news this morning. The victim being a woman who was introduced to a guy via facebook by her best friend in real life. They chatted online, texted and PHONED each other. Each time they tried to meet, the guy would make last minute excuse.
Turns out it was the best friend the whole time, using a voice changer on her mobile when chatting on the phone.
This relationship went on for over a year.
Each time the woman was going to call it quits, her best friend egged her on saying he was a brilliant guy and was worth it
Transpires that the best friend who is no longer the womans best friend loved the power of being in control.
Catfishing is NOT normal behaviour!!!

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Re: Catfish
« Reply #26 on: 16:51, 15 February 13 »
Define normal.

One thing is normal, another is agreeable/acceptable. Meanness is pretty normal I'd say.