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Title: Chiptune wanted.
Post by: ||C|-|E|| on 22:00, 18 July 20

It turns out that Dani (the graphics artist of Doomsday Lost Echoes) and me have been working in a game since, erhmm... possibly since 2018. It is not a CPC game, but a top view 2D action RPG made in pixel art.

We are using realistic sounds for the environment, but the interface and dialog effects are basically things you could generate with an 8-16 bit machine. Thing is that, at some point, the main character will step in a “gentlemen´s club” with background music. However, in this particular universe of us everything is quite bonkers and people do not know how to use technology well, they mostly recycle relics from the past. In this case, the background music is generated by an “ancient device” found by them: an 8 or 16 bit console with a cartridge inserted on it. They have no controllers, but they managed to connect the machine to a screen and the game is always stuck in the main menu, with the audio playing in a never-ending loop. As you can imagine, this intro tune is the background music they use in the place 😊.

The long story short is that we are looking for the right chiptune to use, and there are a few commercial ones that are actually quite cool. However, we were wondering if somebody would like to create something simple for us.

We like this one, that is 5 pounds:


and there are others free to use here and there. However, we understand that if the music was made on purpose for our little game we should be paying more for it. We had something around 20 pounds in mind for a tune that is catchy and loops in a permanent way. The reason we are not offering more is because we are quite conscious that this project is well too humongous for us, so there is a good chance we cannot go further than a playable demo with one or two hours of gameplay ☹.

That is more or less the summary, if somebody is happy to help, he/she would be more than welcome!
Title: Re: Chiptune wanted.
Post by: mr_lou on 10:14, 19 July 20
Have you searched IndieGameMusic.com?
Usually project work for a commercial game will cost you between € 100 EUR and € 300 EUR depending on a number of factors, but there may be a few at IGM who'll be willing to settle for less.
Join the Discord server and post in the "Searching for music" channel. Lots of musicians there. Guaranteed to find someone who'll be willing to help out. Even for free - if your game will also be free.
Title: Re: Chiptune wanted.
Post by: ||C|-|E|| on 14:52, 19 July 20
Great suggestion! I will have a good look, thank you!  :D
If we managed to finish this game it would be commercial, however, as it is now, chances are that we will make the full demo and, if nobody else joins the team, we won´t be able to finish it. That is why we need to keep the bugdet within some short limits at the moment. We have already spend a few hundreds in tools and regular sound assets, but having a full set of sounds composed for us (besides maybe the little chiptune) is at the moment not very feasible. If the demo was super well received and we had the chance to expand the project further, then yes, it would be a different situation.
Title: Re: Chiptune wanted.
Post by: mr_lou on 15:39, 19 July 20
Well, if you can settle for a non-exclusive track, then prices will be ok for you.
You can find tracks that are available with both a non-exclusive license and an exclusive license. This means no one has used the track yet. So you can buy the non-exclusive resale license knowing you're the first to use it. Granted, other devs will buy the same license later, but you'll be the first, so if your game is succesful people will link the track to your game rather than the other games.

The search options should make it relatively easy for you to find a track you like.
Title: Re: Chiptune wanted.
Post by: ||C|-|E|| on 17:39, 19 July 20
I am also thinking about getting a classic composition in MIDI, possibly a funeral march from Chopin, and create a terribly distorted version of it. The main character could find a rescued MIDI keyboard playing the atrocity in the local and talk about it with an NPC  :D I may allow her to turn the keyboard off and all  :-X
Title: Re: Chiptune wanted.
Post by: mr_lou on 17:48, 19 July 20
Go to the IGM Discord server and ask. I'm sure someone will offer to help you out. Sometimes you can get lucky and find someone who'll help you out for free, only being mentioned in the credits. Mostly though you should expect either to pay a little something for their time and work, or offer a percentage of the revenue.