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Title: cpc pixelart
Post by: Kel on 13:59, 12 March 17
Hi all, as promised I show here the little pixels I make for the cpc when I have free time from my other work and life permits :).

Things to have in consideration, Im no programmer so... Probably there is some mistake about how somethings do work, like maybe sprites too big or too many things on screen to be moveable by a real cpc. But the masters should correct me :)

First, As i posted previosly, DD2 for the amstrad. I took the original sprite and worked on it a bit from scratch, so it not just a paintover. They took the graphics from the Amiga and converted it somehow, leaving a lot of stray pixels. Amstrad version could have been way more clearer on the eye, and prettier. This is my first try (may be improved in the future as time permits, maybe a full mockup).

Second, There is no version of old arcade Trojan, just the metropolis game from toposoft. Its not a bad game, colourful and all, But I tried to make a version more similar to the arcade graphics. Wip.

Third, Rygar. The amstrad version lacks a lot of detail, I dont know if the version I made could have been done on an amstrad, my version is 160x200, I dont know if its possible to stretch it horizontally on a cpc, I believe to remember that It is usually done on games by the crc.

And sonic, a bit big, because there is no space almost to play.

Well, hope you like it... and please have in mind Im no programmer so probably the are a lot of mistakes in sizes and stuff. (not in colors or wide pixels in mode0, I took them from the wiki when I started pixeling for amstrad.).

Will update with more stuff If you like it. everything is a wip, unfinished state until the opposite is said. Somethings are 2x or 3x displayed here just for cleanness.

pd:ruberboy is my deviantart name ;)

Title: Re: cpc pixelart
Post by: keith56 on 14:17, 12 March 17
Great stuff!
Love the pink sky on the trojan one! and the sonic one looks like it was straight out of the gamegear or mastersystem

Have you done any Mode 1 art? the game I'm doing is all mode 1, and I'm often in a bind as whether to dither and try to fake extra colors, or just play safe and stick to solid fills.
Title: Re: cpc pixelart
Post by: Kel on 14:28, 12 March 17
Thanks keith!

No, I love mode0 but may be I wil try. Mode 1 is like famous PC CGA, 4 colors so it should be easier than mode0 games. There are very pretty games on mode1 (switchblade or weclemans if I dont remember bad).

The sonic conversion I think couldnt be playable, its too big. It looks sms because amstrad colors are so bright and good!

About the fills, dithering looks good as long as its not too much exaggerated because then in animation it can be seen too much... well that is what some good pixelartists said to me when I started. I have never done graphics for an amstrad game, so may be you take this advice whith a grain of salt, as with everything there are always exceptions. in any case a bit of dithering can't be bad. Cheers.