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CPC Zone Forums Update!

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The CPC Zone forums will be back online at by the end of this week, I still have to cleanse our database and filter out the idiots that registered purely for the purpose of destroying the website / spamming but the software has been fully updated to the latest build so *touch wood* all should be good when it returns in a day or two. All VALID topics and registrations will still be in place when we return.

Thanks to Gryzor for your help in hosting the temporary forums.

WOOHOO!!!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Fantastic news!!!

Great !

Well, can't say I'm not miffed. Hadn't you said that "we'll see this August" I wouldn't have gone through all the trouble of setting it up and debugging just for two weeks. All down the drain, I suppose.

Okay. Then I won't bother bringing the forums back.

Guess I wrongly assumed people wanted the old posts, topics and member registrations back, now I realise why I didn't check the site as often as I should have done even more.


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