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CPC Zone Full Rebuild Progress [EDIT: pretty much dead by now]

Started by Malc.Jennings, 19:45, 30 March 09

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I hope you don't mind but I started this thread to keep track of what has been reinstated at CPC Zone and what will be reinstated in the future.

As of now:

The forums are 70% restored. The skin (working on it offline) needs work before it's usable and additional work once it is reopened. Sadly there's no set time for this to be up and running again. Rest assured all accounts and posts are 100% safe and the asswipes who spammed us have been removed. Also those registering for a free link to your website via your profile pages will get a cold reception as this has been modded out of the code, the only way to have links is in a signature and the only way to have a signature is by posting, once you post something suspect you're gone.

Game comments : All existing comments are now back and fully restored for each game page. The ability to add comments is still to come and relies on the forum being up and running in any case.

Game artwork : The full archive will be viewable again soon, at the moment you're restricted to front scans only via the gamebase system.

Game reviews : All backed up, nothing lost. These will make a reappearance soon.


Complete cover (artwork) scans are now viewable via the individual game pages. Comments submitted by you guys prior to it all going tits up have also been added back to the pages.


Thanks Malc! Awesome update. Gonna be great to have all the old posts and pics back  ;)


Gonna carry on working on the forum skin over the weekend, anything to take my mind off the real life shite that is going on at the moment. The forum is required for some of the more advanced functionality to come back to life (i.e. commenting) as it relied on your membership.

Also, gonna restore the donation page at some point. Not that I expect *anything* at all from anyone, ever, for CPC Zone existing.


Cheers Malc, and thanks for all the hard work...


The Amstrad CPC Games Resource not yet updated... inside is dead too...

What is the actual "pseudo-cpczone" database ?
             ? It's great

      or you think must be our CPCWIKI's games database

zeropolis79 have a project (lemon64forum) to resurrect cpczone?

It is a hard work to make alone... CPC mates (cpcWikiForum) & (cpcWikiForum)...
concentrate work in one site is more practical (making back-ups ... by third party ;)


Zeropolis70 talks about his plan elsewhere in this forum.

There has also been some talk about expanding the wiki's gaming side and some efforts have gone towards it, but I really can't do it alone - it's all in the content, after all.

To be frank, although I'd normally advocate the principle of 'the more,the merrier' the CPC scene is not that big to effectively support lots of overlapping sites. I think it best to concentrate on singular, bigger sites instead...

And I'm not saying this because of the wiki; when the Zone was alive I was supporting *that* with content and input because it was bigger, and decided to expand the wiki only after the Zone went tits up.

Let me take this opportunity to say that regular back-ups are being taken by other users of the site and that, since I consider the wiki to be a public place, belonging to its public, anyone who asks for a copy can have it so as to ensure the safety of the data (and with the Zone in mind...).

Also, I really like the fact that, although you are a new member as far as I can see you refer to the wiki as "ours" :) That's the spirit!!!


Just signed up.  In the 80s & perhaps even early 90s I had an Amstrad CPC464 with Tape and later on an Amstrad 6128 and after reminiscing with a friend on the phone, I thought I'd check out the emulators and games I found through CPC zone (found it still in my bookmarks) only to discover it no longer exists.

That is pretty much the sole reason I'm here.

In that era everyone talks about the Commodore64, well I had an Amstrad!


Hello mate!

Welcome back :) I think you can find lots of stuff here and certainly, overall, you can find more than what used to be on the Zone if you visit the other community sites! The Amstrad scene has been booming - you can check out the latest games released for our beloved machines and giggle in glee :D

Again, welcome back!

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