CPCretrodev "Best Music" awarded by IndieGameMusic.com

Started by mr_lou, 09:39, 14 November 20

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Hello all

For this year's CPCretrodev, IndieGameMusic.com gave an award for the best music: A prize of € 75 EUR.

Some really awesome music in this year's entries! Finding a winner took much more time than anticipated - and it ended up being a close race between several entries. I haven't really had a real chance to actually play any of the games properly yet, because I had to focus on listening to the music to find a winner - and a single week for this didn't quite feel enough. :)

The nominees for the IndieGameMusic.com Best Music Award were:
"1 to 1 Soccer"
"Sokoban Within"
"Tacos vs Potas"
"The abduction of Oscar Z"
"Water Turtle"

Great music in all of those games! Well done!

To help myself find a winner between the nominees, I gave scores to each game for
- Composition
- Instruments
- Catchy melody
- Variation
- Game-match

That way I found my top 3:
"Anima" - music by Antonie Perez
"Sorcerers" - music by McKlain
"The abduction of Oscar Z" - music by Gryzor87

Absolutely awesome work! I had a hard time picking a winner between those 3. Two of them even had the exact same score!
So I had to "manually" choose one as the winner, and that ended up being "Sorcerers". Very catchy melody matching the game theme. Something the other two games have too though! But the melody in "Sorcerers" just appealed a little bit more to me. As I said - very close race.

So congratulations to McKlain and the team behind "Sorcerers"!  :)


Great initiative you did by sponsoring. Can't wait to play the games, I didn't click on any preview, I have no idea what to expect :).

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I second what @Targhan said, great initiative @mr_lou !

Also, please can you confirm "Gryzor87" IS NOT @Gryzor (cf. the cpcwiki admin) ?


Quote from: norecess on 17:26, 18 November 20Also, please can you confirm "Gryzor87" IS NOT @Gryzor (cf. the cpcwiki admin) ?

I'm 99% certain they're two different people.  :)
(Always leave room for surprises!)


Yup that's not me, he's a couple of countries away :D

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