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Flash Mobs
« on: 21:52, 23 December 10 »
Flash Mobs is about doing something entertaining uplifting in a normal place, surprising every random crowd that happens to be in that very spot.

Lately I've been watching a few of these Flash Mobs at YouTube, and decided to link to some of the ones I find best.

First 3 classics that kinda started it all (afaik):
Sound of Music:
T-Mobile dance:
Frozen Grand Central:

T-Mobile welcomes home random people in the airport:

ImprovEverywhere makes some good ones too, like
Star Wars in the subway:
Ghostbusters at the library:
Best game ever:

Jamie Oliver is also with it:

And the more crazy (but still funny) ones:

There is a ton of these videos at YouTube if you want more.