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Started by Targhan, 09:41, 18 November 21

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Hi all,

It is with a very sad heart that, due to some deep upheaval in my personal and professional life, I announce that I stop all my CPC activities for an indeterminate duration (don't worry, my physical health is very fine). I need to focus on what I plan to do, and this is wiser to discard the CPC for that. I may be gone for a few months, or a year, or 5, who knows?

All my projects are put on hold. Arkos Tracker 2 is stable, so there should be no problem. I told No Recess that I could create new music/sfx for SonicGx if he needed. As only a few people know, I was working on Arkos Tracker 3, a fully-recoded version of AT, with many new features. The work is well advanced, but there are still many features to do. I may finish it one day, or not. I also had an action game in mind...

See you soon and long live the CPC!

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It's sad to hear such a thing, I've enjoyed a lot your fair comments in this forum and your coding for the CPC.
It seems that sometimes it takes consistent steps to get personal things back on track.
I wish all the best.
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Thank you for all you have done!

I wish you the best and look forward to see you again around here. If you need anything I can help with, you know where you can find me.
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Take care, hope everything turns out fine for you in the end... Thanks for all the things you've done, and I really hope you get back soon!


Personal life always comes before hobby ... take care, hope all goes well :)


sometimes the hobby becomes a job and one feels exhausted, I wish you everything to be fixed, and here we will be waiting for you.
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I wish you every success in your new projects. May you come back to us soon with lots of good news! Kisses  ;)


Thank you for all you've done and you've done so much, since Demoniak issue #1 ;)
Best & success.


Thanks for all your work, profit of this time for other important things.
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All the best! I hope we soon can say: Welcome back, Targhan! We will wait right here! 👍🏻


Thank you.
Wish you the best.


I'm sorry to hear this news, but as others have said, your personal life should take priority over CPC activities. I wish you the best for the future.

That said, I hope we will see you on the CPC again one day. As some of you may know, I said to myself at the start of 2016 that I wanted to reduce my CPC activities significantly, but I could never totally turn my back on the CPC. :)


Thanks a lot for your work for the CPC. I hope to see you again on the Revision in Saarbrücken some day in the future. Remind me to buy you a beer :D! So, all the best from my side!

I reduced the work on the CPC stuff, too and I am only sporadically reading messages here, but like Nich already mentioned before, repairing a CPC here and getting a BTX modul working again there...  ;).


Sad news. You're productive from so much time have you are a reference.
Hope you will come soon.


That's sad to hear but also totally understandable. Take your time, mate, good luck!
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Take your time with your new project, you'll be even more glad to come back later to CPC.


I hope you'll be back sooner than later.

Take care, and thank you for all your great work!

Shaun M. Neary

Hey @Targhan , Thanks for everything you've contributed over the years.

Take all the time you need. The CPC isn't going anywhere and neither are we. :)
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Au revoir, Monsieur et à bientôt j'espère!
Thank you for your invaluable work!


I am sad to read this thread, but r/l priorities always come first. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have contributed and for giving me and so many other musicians the tools to express ourselves using our beloved CPCs.

Looking forward to seeing you return!


Oh, just spotted this and now feel bad as I was asking questions in another thread about AT2!

Good luck with your time off, hope you sort out your priorities as you need, and I'm sure you'll be back some time when you least expect it. Personally, I stopped all of my CPC activities just over 7 years ago after feeling a bit burnt out, and now I'm suddenly interested in the scene again.

As others have said, the CPC isn't going anywhere. It's been here for 35 years already, and will continue to wait for you until you're ready.


Beautifully said; also, so nice to have you back!


Thank you for all your contributions, wish you the best!
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