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HELP! Yes, another thread about the SCART but this time more urgent.

Started by stoodleysnow, 20:45, 23 December 07

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 ??? ??? :-[
I need to get my CPC 464 working on a TV via SCART ASAP. A nostalgic friend of mine would really really like this Amstrad to work for her on a TV (her monitor broke years ago). I have tried both the diagram on this site and the other one at, Neither can produce anything better than a messy, out-of sync bunch of diagonally-slanted, scrolling or flashing blue screens with black text and red/green blurs at the bottom. The TV in question works fine at all other times. I have also tried with another TV, same results. The wiring I have done so far goes thus:

Amstrad                                                              block connector                                                                    SCART
1 Red ------------------------------------------------------------------[===]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 RGB Red In

2 Green --------------------------------------------------------------[===]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 RGB Green In

3 Blue -----------------(bare wire)-------------------------------[===]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7 RGB Blue In
                                                                                   _]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 Comp Vid GND }    Tried both
4 Composite Sync -----------------------------------------------[===]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20 Comp Vid In     }     of these
                                                                              /==]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 RGB Blue GND
5 Ground ------------------------------------------------------------[===]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 RGB Green GND
                                                                              \==]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 RGB Red GND
                                                                                 \=]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 Comp Vid GND
6 Luminance -------------------------------------------------------[

1.5V Battery
+  -----------------------------------------------------------------------[===]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 Blank Signal
-   -----------------------------------------------------------------------[===]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18 Blank GND

If you have any ideas please do tell. :)


I had this problem and it was all my fault  :D

I used a scart to scart cable, cut one end and I thought the wires were conected one on one. This proved not to be true as some wires are swapped, so I got the same result as you describe. The best I can reccomend you is to double-check if the wires you're using are the right ones.

Check this topic too, it might help.


Darn, just saw this post. Everything turned out ok?

...when "her" and "retro" are combined, of course it's urgent :)

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