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help required (mac os x)
« on: 17:46, 01 February 11 »
I've converted most of Arnold's GUI to use wxwidgets GUI toolkit.

I can now compile Arnold for linux and windows and they both have the same GUI. Now the linux version has all the features of the windows version available. But because I converted over to wxwidgets I also improved and fixed more bugs in the GUI and implemented some features in arnold.

The version of Arnold I am using is far better than the last public release.

Now I need some help.

I believe that wxwidgets can also be used on mac os x.

so is there anyone who would be able to compile some code for me on mac os x and tell me if it works?
I am using wxwidgets 2.8, sdl and code:blocks ide.
So you'll need the mac versions of these installing if you can help. thanks.
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Re: help required (mac os x)
« Reply #1 on: 18:11, 01 February 11 »
Hey Kev,

If you send me the code I could compile it under MacOS X 10.4 or 10.5 i386 and tell you. I also have a Mac G4 with 10.4, me thinks, it doesn't have xcode installed but I could always try.