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New Years Resolutions.
« on: 00:37, 25 December 10 »
Thought I might start early before the New Year is upon us. Not particularly a great believer of this cause old habits die hard as once famously said and most people probably last 2 days before going back on their word, though for the new year I'm gonna try my hardest to half the number of posts I've roughly got now!  :laugh:  So if I say between 400 from the time I joined late July and keep it to 200 I should have more than 600 Next Year! I say this cause I see some of the members have been around for 4 years and I've already accumulated more than they have!!  ???  And some of the well-knowns who come around frequently and some slightly less frequently have kept their posts tight as! So I'll probably cheat and do more PMing of the blah-blah kind instead!  :laugh:  Anyone up for that?  ;)
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Re: New Years Resolutions.
« Reply #1 on: 15:56, 26 December 10 »
If I could only start getting coding in C... ???

And sports to loose my stomach. :'(

And getting into the Net with my CPC... 8)

Find a real Job too and... still keep on Spam the CPC-Sites... ::)
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