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Is anyone else drunk?

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--- Quote from: Shaun M. Neary on 21:36, 31 July 21 ---I'm sure if you eat enough of it, you might get drunk...

--- End quote ---

Yeah, but I only have 1L , so ..😂

Finishing to put the boys to bed, will have a shower, I think I'll watch an episode of Loki with the missus and continue with the RPG. Probably will implement the stats, if I can wrap my head around what D&D bits are really important and what is only for display (there's a difference between playing the game and implementing the game on a CPC).

Not drunk. Had two beers last night, though; and TBH, I'm thinking I'm going to reduce that to one beer a week. I like beer, but I don't really need it.

I'm not drunk, but the premise of Jet Set Willy was that you were cleaning up the mansion the morning after a heavy night's drinking. Given some of the things you encounter on the way, you have to wonder if he's still drunk at the time!

Better alone than with such friends, had they at least pissed in the sink  ;D ;D ;D :picard: :picard: :picard:


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