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Let's make music

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You can use Wavepad (Piratebay special) to record your efforts.[/]

Wow man, the Tonematrix is sweeeet!


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 09:27, 16 April 09 ---Wow man, the Tonematrix is sweeeet!

--- End quote ---

Didn't do much for me, except show white squares when I clicked. No sound or anything!

Try another browser maybe?

Doesn't work for me either, just gives the message "please install the latest flashplayer".  I guess you need Flash 10 then.

I really must get off my ass and install Flash 10, now that Adobe have produced a 64-bit Linux version (finally).

I'll try my (slower) Windows PC first, since it does have Flash 10 installed, first :P
EDIT: Tried it under Windows.  Fun. :)
EDIT#2: Installed 64-bit Flash 10 for Linux (still an alpha version, oh well).  Works great now.


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