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Started by sigh, 15:21, 02 July 21

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An incredible website showing the level design of various games:



"This application requires hardware acceleration to be enabled.

Please enable hardware acceleration in your's browser settings.

If you have enabled hardware acceleration and are still getting this error message, try restarting your browser and computer.

Thanks, Jasper."     ???


That's a very strange message to get. Are you not able to access it at all?


Just tried it again - same message.


Whar brower are you using? I'm using Firefox and my laptop is Samsung Galaxy Book Flex (graphic card is only an MX250 which is pretty weak) with 16GB Ram.


Chrome, I'll try Opera and see what the result is...............

Update - same with Opera :o


I get the same message and I'm using Edge
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I just tried it on Microsoft Edge and it works for me. It also works for me on Chrome too.
I have no idea why it isn't working for either of you...


Worked pretty fine at my work PC which only has a discreet, but crappy GPU. I guess hardware acceleration is a strange thing. Have your tried the browser options?


Not supported on Safari apparently as it requires WebGL 2.

Reluctant to install another browser at the moment as I'm really enjoying being an Apple fanboi this week....

Tried it on my work laptop though, and it's amazing! It really gives you an appreciation of the time, effort and skill that must have gone into these games. The San Andreas map is huge, and such an achievement given that the game was running on a PS2 which seems ancient now!
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Quote from: sigh on 15:21, 02 July 21
An incredible website showing the level design of various games:

Thanks a lot for this website, awesome. Gives a ton of ideas.

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