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Started by ukmarkh, 14:05, 30 June 09

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Guys, just dicking about for the first time ever at making my own music tracks... how about having a listen and letting me know what you think?

I think the Invaders track is the better.


heh, this is not at all bad, especially considering it's your first go. Sounds like you've had lots of fun doing those tracks.
They're both very dark though.
Malfunction is slightly messy, but I suppose that's the general idea.

You should put them on display at so game developers can use them.  :)

What program did you use to make the tracks?


Yeah! Had a lot of fun doing this, just didn't think anyone other than me would like 'em. I'm using a Casio Keyboard, drum machine and a few other bits... used windows in-built recorder to record the sounds. Would like to get some software, i.e. cuebase or something, but to pricey for me at the moe.

My plan is to do an album... lol


Quote from: ukmarkh on 18:20, 30 June 09Would like to get some software, i.e. cuebase or something, but to pricey for me at the moe.

If you have the means to install Linux (I use Ubuntu), you could give this a try. Excellent and free!


How can such a thing be free? Have you used it, does it compare to the stuff on the Mac or Qbase on the PC???


Hahaha! Listening to Invaders right now, girlfriend implores me to shut it down but it sure is fun! :)


For Linux there is also Rosegarden, which is a free application somewhat like Cubase afaik.

I don't use such applications myself though. I use trackers instead. Milkytracker, Renoise and the likes.

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