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My new game - Looks like a CPC mode 0 game

Started by Andyuk, 20:45, 02 May 09

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Andyuk 586.75 kb

Just some small 5 level platform game with graphics based roughly on Amstrad cpc's mode 0 pixel size and Pallete. The music uses samples from the AY-3-8910 chip too. :)
Created with Multimedia fusion 2.



Interesting new trend, making games on the PC look like running on a CPC!

Maybe there should be a category for this on the WIKI?



Not bad at all! Also runs in Linux with Wine.  :)
I've had the thought myself, with the mobile games we're doing, to make versions with CPC graphics (and C64 graphics). Not a top priority though.  ;)

Nice game. I especially like that you've used modules instead of mp3 files for music.  8)
Did you make the music yourself as well?


I made some of it. Some friends made the music for level 2 level 3 and level 5. The ending tune is just a remake of the Kwik snax game over tune i did once. :D

But the rest is mine.


Hah! This is very cute :)

There are not enough similar games to warrant a separate section on the wiki... But this one should probably be announced :)

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