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Need somebody from France for buying from leboncoin (urgent) :-)

Started by villain, 08:43, 15 April 22

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J'ai trouvé quelque chose sur lbc... :-)

...but registration from Germany is not possible due to SMS verification only working with French numbers. Anybody able/willing to help? 


Mes amis... 

...d'Welt endet nit z'Strossburi!

...le monde ne s'arrête pas à Strasbourg!



I can help you get something from Leboncoin, you can send me the link of what you're trying to get in private :)


Thanks to the friendly help of @kailokyra I'm now a proud owner of a 6128 Plus in wonderful condition. Picked it up in Alsace a few minutes ago. I'm soooo happy.  ;D

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