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Started by BSC, 11:37, 25 August 22

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Hola folks,

I made a quick classical piece of music, must have somehow been inspired by some movie soundtracks I have listened to recently. This one was made with my new toy, Logic Pro X :)


Nice piece.
I would make a small suggestion - possibly slow down the waters sounds by about 25%?
As a complement/background to the pace of the music they seem to me a little too fast.


Quote from: ComSoft6128 on 12:09, 25 August 22slow down the waters sounds by about 25%?
Mhh, I might give that a try when I work on a special edition :) 


Nice, at start there is piano and another instrument but which one is it ? A bit later violon I suppose.
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It's piano, then violin and then cello (at least according to Logic) and - of course - water!  :)


Nice piano chords, but the violin sounds like an annoying saw blade, static and synthetic.
The water fx ist nice, maybe a bit too loud. The cello ist good too.
Overall a nice, little work.  


Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the violin is not among the most beautiful, should probably have taken a bit more time tuning it. I made this under the term "release fast", without getting too invested in carving everything out or striving towards perfection, but focusing on getting a song finished within one evening. I find this very rewarding. My hip-hop track was done in the same way and I had loads of fun. 

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