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Has a game ever...

Started by sigh, 14:33, 06 March 16

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That Count Duckula 2 for the CPC is really a system seller, for sure. One of the most brilliant pieces of soft ever written for a machine, I would say.


I almost forgot about my Gamecube! I had lent that to my friend a very long time ago and I think he's probably had it for about 8 years now!
My Xbox 360 hardly got any use, but I had originally bought it for Ketsui, which I then ended up buying again for the PS3.
The Gamecube, I purchased for Viewtiful Joe.


Quote from: Trebmint on 19:28, 06 March 16
No I was joking :P

I assume you're joking about receiving a copy of Street Fighter II as well? :D


I bought my first PS2 in order to play Gran Turismo 3, probably bought my first PS1 for Tomb Raider or Crash Bandicoot.


Atari Jaguar for AvP
PS1 for Metal Gear Solid
PS2 for GTA 3
PS3 for GTA 4
PS4 for Metal Gear Solid 5


I bought a cheap N64 with a bunch of games and then gave away everything but Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, which was all I was ever really interested in (and I still have it). I think I held onto Mario 64 till I'd played it through, but I wasn't overly enamoured with it. And I got a Gamecube mostly to play Wind Waker, though I did enjoy a few other titles on it.


I bought a 360 for the Nazi zombies mode on Call of Duty World at War. But it perhaps doesn't count that strongly as I bought it from a friend who was leaving the country and sold it to me at a really good price with a few other games too - I probably wouldn't have bought one otherwise.


Dreamcast, Samba de Amigo :D

But of course that was around 2008, I think.


My 1st console was the 90s revamped Atari 2600, I brought it at the time because it was cheap, through I still put it on Lay-by, when I did that, the shop I brought it from had a Brochure of some of the popular games for it. I remember getting Crossbow initially, Kangaroo, Dig-Dug & eventually Mario Bros which were in the Brochure. When I got onto the Activision games though I was getting more of those games because they were a lot Cheap & in some cases were just as good or better than the Atari games, games like Hero, Keystone Kapers & Pitfall were played a bit, even though I got Keystone Kapers & Pitfall just before getting an Atari 7800. Like the Atari 2600, I had a Brochure for that, I ended up getting Dig Dug, Commando, Pole Position & Planet Smashers, I also got Food Fight, but I was probably influenced in getting an 7800 after playing Scrapyard Dog in store!  :laugh:
* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
* I also like to problem solve code in BASIC :)   * And type-in Type-Ins! :D

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I got my Dreamcast basically to play Rez :D


Quote from: robcfg on 12:51, 07 March 16
I got my Dreamcast basically to play Rez :D

Yeah, discovered it shortly after getting mine. And now it's among the very best games I've ever played...

Years later I played his next game, Child of Eden. Another amazing *experience*:


Yeah, I have that one too, but imho it's a bit too much. Rez managed to deliver an amazing experience without cluttering the screen too much.


Maybe true, but I found it had the same "synesthetic" effect on me. For instance, I found out that by the time I had finished a level, my heart beat was in sync with the music!

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