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video conversion need help please

Started by cpc4eva, 08:43, 22 May 10

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im using the program any video convertor to convert videos from mp4,wmv etc to mpeg format to put onto dvd disc and watch on my tv and ive had no problems so far its been great.

however there is one video im am having trouble with just cant get the audio in sync with the video

the video is called roswell incident footage its an old bbc documentary.  the video converts fine but the audio is way out of sync.

video format is mp43 and converting to mpeg I or mpeg II

video frame rate is 29.97
video bitrate 1800
audio codec is mp2
audio bitrate 128
sample rate 44100

anyone have some experience in video conversions that can help me get the audio in sync with the video.... is it just a matter of changing the video and or audio settings ??

your help greatly appreciated  :)

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