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What is wrong with Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" & "Alien Covenant" ?

Started by ComSoft6128, 09:24, 10 July 22

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Revisited Prometheus yesterday and Covenant today.

I wanted to see if my initial negative impressions from a few years ago were maybe a wee bit harsh......
Nope....compared to the classic "Alien" both stink like a giant of heap of manure >:(

Anybody else feel the same?


Compared to the classics (Alien, Aliens and even Alien 3) this both movies tastes like the necrotic ass of a corpse.


Oh no, don't do the mistake of even comparing them... I enjoyed them, but did not dare compare them to the originals!


I went to see Aliens in the cinema when it was released - I took a half day from work and expected the cinema to be half-empty. Well no, due to its "half price weekdays" policy the place was packed, mostly with students I seem to remember.

I'll probably never experience this again in a cinema......
At the point in the film were a Xenomorph tries to force the doors of the armoured personnel carrier and then the character 'Hicks' blows the back of its head off with a sawn off shotgun - the cinema erupted in a giant roar - the audience went wild as though it was the winning penalty in the World Cup!
At the end I came out of the cinema knowing I had just seen a film that was an experience.

Somehow I don't think Prometheus or Alien Covenant had the same effect on anyone.


Talk about experience... I first saw Alien on VHS on a Saturday *morning*, with my parents out for the day; I was probably 11 at the time? 12  maybe. For the rest of the day I would walk around the apartment hugging the walls :D


I've seen Prometheus a couple of times, mostly because I wanted to rewatch it and see if it was really as bad as I had remembered, which it was.

Alien Covenant I think I watched, but I honestly can't remember a single detail of it at all and I'm not sure I'm in any hurry to see it again (or at all if I actually haven't bothered)


I saw two movies all by myself in my teen years, one was Return of the Jedi the other Aliens. On my way home after the latter, I imagined what would happen if they came around the corner. All my senses were up to 11.

I never saw Covenant, Prometheus was ok if watched not as an Alien film but as generic Sci-Fi schlock. The donut ship crashing on the planet and rolling around was a highlight, IMO, especially since the two idiots kept running in front of it instead of just making a side sprint to avoid it.
They awaken the last engineer and he goes berserk (because Ridley Scott seemingly had no idea what to let him say, it's much easier to just go on a rampage).
Oh yes, and they speak Proto-Indo-European with him, no idea who could come to the conclusion that this is the engineers' language.
The super-fast pregnancy of Shaw, dating the dead engineers with the radio-carbon method (ON A FUCKING DIFFERENT PLANET!), I'm sure there's much more which I've forgotten.
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