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Whose George Bailey?

Started by AMSDOS, 10:11, 02 May 11

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For the benefit of those who don't know "It's a Wonderful Life" with James Stewart, found the scene were his Honeymoon was a disaster and gave away the Honeymoon money to keep the Bank open!  ;D

Anyone who knows the Simpsons episode where I think there was a Teacher's strike with Seymour Skinner and Edna (Barts teacher) and Bart is down at the Bank causing chaos and a Jame Stewart impersonator doing the thing from It's a Wonderful Life - "I don't have your money, it's at <blah> <blahs> place, etc"  ;D

* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
* I also like to problem solve code in BASIC :)   * And type-in Type-Ins! :D

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