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  1. The new Shadow Gangs
  2. AppleII version of The Secret Of Monkey Island, anyone?
  3. Microsoft releases the source code of GW BASIC
  4. Chloe 280SE
  5. A TZXDuino inside a cassette!
  6. ZX Spectrum Next - Kickstarter goes live
  7. The King of Grabs
  8. He-Man Meets Barbarian
  9. Amazing - original DIY "build your own door stopper" kit!
  10. Beautiful "Nixy the Glade Sprite" jump'n run (Spectrum 128K)
  11. I wish I was there...
  12. Pixels 2010
  13. Capacitor replacement - Caught just in time
  14. What are the best video game soundtracks?
  15. Virtuaverse (and more)
  16. My next issue of retro video games magazine - Legends of Bytes #8
  17. This is nuts
  19. Purple Saturn Day... on Windows?!
  20. BBC News article - Surf Champ on the ZX Spectrum
  21. did i damage my mega drive 3rd party jpad?
  22. The Making Stunt Island (and former Amstrad coder?)
  23. Tiger-Heli Arcade - WIP - Android-html5-Windows Remake
  24. Fix-It Felix Jr for C64, C64c, 64GS, SX64, C128
  25. Anybody here own an Asus EEE PC 900 with XP installed?
  26. Wudang - ZX Spectrum BASIC extravaganza
  27. "Dragonkeep" - new Atari Jaguar game
  28. Amstrad PC 2286 Help
  29. My next issue of retro video games magazine - Legends of Bytes #7
  30. Joysticks
  31. Radio Times scans?
  32. 8086 Assembly tutorials
  33. Project-X SoundBoard (Android)
  34. Absolutely MAD ebay ppl ...
  35. Buy the Nintendo Play Station Super NES CD-ROM Prototype
  36. Marketing software in the Eighties/Nineties
  37. PCW Z180: My Accidental Computer
  38. I need an E3 emailer, it's your fault Chinny !
  39. Royal Mail iconic 80's 90's video games stamps
  40. Learn ARM assembly (RiscOS / GBA)
  41. 8-bit (and other) Royal Mail stamps
  42. New Blu-Play game: "The UFO Game!" released!
  43. The Drive Belt Exorcism Ritual screen by MacDeath displayed using a 6128 Plus
  44. Valley Of Rains - Speccy game
  45. Z80 Surfboard
  46. CarTeD - Possible Commodore Plus/4 racer.
  48. Found 18 KM4164B-15 Chips in my stock - who needs them ?
  49. Arkos Tracker 2 (AKS) file now added on
  50. Lightforce (C64) music remix
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