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To Be This Good Takes Ages! SEGA TOPIC

Started by ukmarkh, 16:58, 11 May 10

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Quote from: redbox on 19:53, 17 April 11
Amen to that.  Shenmue is just awesome.

The Dreamcast is awesome  8)


My all time favourite game on dreamcast is Rez.

And I also think that the dreamcast is still a great machine!


Rez is probably my favorite DC game, along with Under Defeat (possibly my favorite shoot-em-up).

DC is the only console I've ever loved, even though I didn't have one at the time!


The Dreamcast had it all, except for EA Games support, one of the things that really hurted the machine asides from rampant piracy. I've never had so much fun with any other games machine besides the CPC. And the DC scene was just mindblowing.

I wish I would had bought another one when they were super-cheap. Mine works, but I had to do some "bricolage" to fix the gd-door switch problem adding an external switch. The gamepad ports also fail sometimes (loose connections), but I managed to fix it using some extension cables for the pads that seem to fit tighter.

I also bought a lot of hardware for this damned machine. Play-Asia ruled  :laugh:


Seriously, I'm still hardly playing all kind of Sega consoles (even the handled ones). If I feel "retro-style", then I will play Mega Turrican.. If I feel "fighting games", then I will play the Street Fighters on my Saturn/DC.. If I feel "cars gaming", then I will go with Daytona USA/F335 Challenge/VRally2.. it got everything I need for my gaming purposes.

I also have NeoGeo CD and Amiga CD32. Weirdly, I did not buy any Nintendo systems.. (only the SNES would have an interest to me, but still - ..).


It's such a shame that the DC collection for the 360 is such utter shite...


Agreed. Sega should be ashamed of themselves. I can play the games with better quality on an emulator on my pc. The DC collection is out on pc too, by the way.


The Mega Drive was quite good with a lot of great games I haven't explored. I have been playing from emulator, Contra 4 (learning to play all 4 paths), Castlevania Bloodlines and of course Streets of Rage (2 is my favorite). I see that while it doesn't have a dedicated chip for rotations and zoom like the SNES, some games involve some trickery I don't know to semi-rotate big enemies/backgrounds. Lot's more tricks are there, in some games I didn't know, like the Batman link norecess gave us. I remember seeing in youtube some more impressive wolfenstein engines, hense the 68000 which is far superior than the hybrid 65oid of SNES. However, SNES was very impressive console too, with it's mode7 tricks and also superior sound and I enjoy several good games in this console too. I am also a Nintendo fan :)

The only sega console I own (because I played mega drive only from emulation, oh master system was good too from emulation I tried, some great titles Wonder Boy in Monsterland, Shinobi and others) is a Dreamcast and then a Treamcast. The Treamcast is a portable Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast was amazing but underrated. Such great variety of games. I personally remember Ikaruga and Rez. I know (but didn't found the time to play) also Shenmue 1,2. I played a bit Soul Calibour, Dead or Alive, a racing with a heavy track (wheeler?), virtual tennis, many street fighter, powerstone 1,2, and many many more I forget. The homebrew community is nice too. If I ever decide to try to write code for a console then I will consider the dreamcast.


Concerning SEGA, I was dissapointed that they requested to remove the download of Streets of Rage Remake v5.0
Why doing this now that the project is finished after eight years?

SORR is the best thing since forever! It's a remake of the originals for Windows, Linux, it would be soon for Gamepark Wiz and the Wii but I don't know now. You gotta see it. It's massive, many different levels with different paths, secret characters, extra modes, shop, it's much better than I would ever think of a remake. It has EVERYTHING and MORE!!!

The link was there but it's down right now. The download link is removed. It might only be possible to get it from torrent. Damn!

Damn you Sega!




You all know Sega is dead in 2001, right ?
The modern Sega is just bouncing on its licenses since death of DC to minimize cost and risk..



MO5 is smaller than SC-3000 -though MO5 is heavier :)

Mac, I have moved to MO5E since last time we met; but after some time using it something broke inside -something related to the video output, since it is not generating a sync signal anymore. So please let me know if you find a cheap Thomson there, please! I would prefer a TO8 or TO9, of course :-D

Btw, I'm also looking for french versions of TI99 4/A and Mattel/Radofin Aquarius, the specific model with peritel output. Let me know if you find any of them, please :-D


Hi Jaime... I think I may incidently find some of what you are searching (Thomsons).

I send you a PM.

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