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8-Bit/16-Bit music... (web links)
« on: 18:42, 05 February 12 »
I vaguely recall a small conversation in the SHOUTBOX about someone being bored with the current Amstrad CPC mixes and was asking for links of other AY-related podcasts. From memory, someone else replied with a site for one specific podcast, but there were only 2 out of the 3 episodes available for download. I was going to respond to this conversation, but I decided against it; instead here's a list of all of my podcast, remix, online record-label and gamemusic-related websites for your perusal.

Please feel free to add your own music links... the more we share, the better!

- Retro Podcasts:

BitJam - BitFella's famous demo-related podcast. Some 8-bit, including 2 for CPC! (updated regularily)

The C64 Takeaway - C64 remix & SID based podcast. (rarely updated)

One Man And His Mic - Kenz from Binary Zone presents his game-related podcast. (rarely updated)

Hardread Podcast - PC demo related podcast. (deadcast)

Amiga Vibes - Amiga demo podcast. (updated regularily)

Monkey Love Records - Record label site & podcast. (updated rarely)

8Bit Adventures of a bored Office Worker - 8-Bit music related podcast. (deadcast)

Marvin Suicide - 8-Bit music related podcast. (updated rarely)

Gamewave Podcast - Game music podcast. (updated regularily)

STFUAJPGM - Shut the **** up and just play game music. (updated rarely)

VGMDb Decibel - VGMDb's own podcast. (updated rarely)

8-Bit Mayhem - C64 podcast. (deadcast)

Blibb Blobb - PC demo & remix podcast. (deadcast)

Surprise Podcast - PC demo podcast. (deadcast)

- Demo & remix compilation CDs/downloads:

Demovibes - Downloadable PC demo CDs. (rarely updated)

The Sound Of SceneSat - PC demo music & game remix compilations.

Songs To Test By - Official PORTAL 2 Soundtrack.

FFShrine Game Music Downloads - Game music soundtracks. (Not entirely legal, so use at YOUR OWN RISK. Needs registration for download links)

C64 Audio - CDs & mp3s for purchase and some free downloads, too.

- Game/demo music remixes:

Remix.Kwed.Org - C64 tunes remixed.

Amiga Remix - err... Amiga tunes remixed!

OverClocked Remix - Mostly console game tunes remixed.

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE - The most famous C64 remix band. Some free downloads.

Visa Roster - C64 acappella... now 100% free!

- Online record labels:

Moods Plateau - The 8-bit record label's releases.

Pause - The 8-bit record label's releases.

Kittenrock - The 8-bit record label's releases.

8BitPeoples - The 8-bit record label's site.

DWD Records - The 8-bit record label's releases.

File Freakout - More 8-bit & lofi-style musics.

RNO Records - The 8-bit record label's site.

- Online game/demo music radio:

BitJam Radio - Demo & game music radio station. (works brilliantly in WinAMP!)

Nectarine Demovibes Radio - All game & demo music, including a large collection of AY/YM music.

- 8-bit artist/group sites:

AY Riders - ZX Spectrum music.

Ultrasyd Music Tracks - Everything god-like!

YM Digital - More ZX music by the "Gods"!

Little Bitchard's MP3s - Tunes from one of the PC's best known musicians. (.mod & .xm also available)

Madfiddler's Game Sounds - Various format game music from Mark Knight, aka TDK, aka Madfiddler.

The Thalion Source - Website for the best game musician ever, Mr Jochen Hippel!

Factor6 - AY Riders, YM Digital and general AY-3-891x God!

- Native 8-bit/16-bit format music:

Exotica - Amiga Game & Demo music.

Amiga Music Preservation - The biggest Amiga MOD collection.

High Voltage SID collection - The biggest SID collection!

Amiga Game Music - More game tunes from the 16-bit machine.

Project AY - Spectrum & limited CPC game/demo musics.

- Other stuff that might be of interest:

Sounds Of The Demoscene - Some C64 demo music

Merregnon - Beautiful game music! (Purchasable CDs & some free downloads)

WhoMIX - Way too many remixes of the Doctor Who theme songs!
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Re: 8-Bit/16-Bit music... (web links)
« Reply #1 on: 22:28, 05 February 12 »
Nice collection!
Thanks for posting!
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Re: 8-Bit/16-Bit music... (web links)
« Reply #2 on: 22:53, 05 February 12 »
Wow, impressive!

Thanks for the links!

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Re: 8-Bit/16-Bit music... (web links)
« Reply #3 on: 10:10, 07 February 12 »
Argh! Need another life. Or maybe I'll forward this to myself in a parallel universe and we can split the playlists...