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A new device for the c64

Started by Gryzor, 09:50, 20 January 15

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At first I thought this was over the top:

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But the price is only €55, so it's actually pretty cool!


Nice. The LCD is a bit of an overkill and they really need to work on the Firmware to support PRG / G64 etc. For now I'll stick with my µIEC :)



Heh, yes, my thoughts exactly. But at that price I wouldn't mind a remote-controlled full-colour LCD screen!


I have been watching this project for awhile.

This will give the SD2IEC a run for its money, esp like Bryce said when the .prg, .g64 read functionality is available, and implements JIffy DOS operation like the SD2IEC.

It could be great little package for the C64/C128.

I have already pre-ordered for an internal install in my 128  :D

Once third parties start to design cases for the device, and the fact it uses the user port rather than the cartridge port, free's the expansion port for cartridges like Easy Flash 3  :D

Overall the 1541 Ultimate II in my opinion is still the best solution out there, but for  a low cost solution this could be great  :D
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