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Title: Amstrad CPC Mini?
Post by: mr_lou on 15:39, 26 December 18
So this has probably already been discussed, but I'm too lazy to search.

I got a C64 Mini for Christmas this year, a present from my workplace. It's pretty neat. Lets me load PRG, D64, CRT files from USB too. I like how easy it is to get going and select a game.

I know there's no such thing as an Amstrad CPC Mini, at least not officially, but I was wondering what kind of already existing stuff out there can be set up as something close. Like e.g. a Rasberry Pi?

Are you using your own version of an "Amstrad CPC Mini"? If yes, what is it?
Title: Re: Amstrad CPC Mini?
Post by: genesis8 on 17:19, 26 December 18
Check http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/amstrad-cpc-hardware/pocket-cpc/ (http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/amstrad-cpc-hardware/pocket-cpc/)