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Amstrad PC2386 powers on but no video :(

Started by anyweb, 15:30, 27 May 22

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I purchased an old Amstrad PC2386 as it was the first ever PC I ever owned, and I long ago got rid of mine (silly me). I've connected this one up to a Dell LCD with a vga cable, and ensured that the 4 dip switches are in the down (on ?) position, makes no difference, when i power on, i hear the MFM disc spin up, the green led comes on and stays on, the red power led comes on, but no video at all,

i checked jumper 28 as that's apparently ON for onboard Paradise vga, and it was on, but still no video,

can anyone in the know please give me some tips on how to troubleshoot this old dear ?


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