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question: does any of you use Flash Floppy on gotek for this computer and could you send me the configuration files? I can't handle getting a PCW-based gotek ... Thank youAnd I thought that some configuration is needed: I have two FF.CFG & IMG.CFG files (in the folder: example) to play files with the HFE extension - it doesn't work every time.
and which version Flash Floppy do You have ? Mine is 3.28
Could I find out how you set the jumpers on the gotek (I have the MO and S0 pins shorted)? :) :) :)
I am asking for a few files, which I will immediately put on a clean flash drive - so that the PCW will start ... preferably if the file is a system file, i.e. C / PM. What is your format: is DSK or HFE and are there any additional configuration files on the flash drive or not (are they unnecessary?)?

Hi. I have a PCW that boots from a Gotek but I'm using HxC software with DSK images.
I also have a Gotek with FlashFloppy on my CPC and will connect it when I have time next week if it helps.

Just spotted this.

It may help.

Thank you Richard, although the files still I needed...Maybe someone else will help

This evening I attached my Gotek with FlashFloppy to my PCW8512 as the A: drive.
FlashFloppy 3.29

NO FF.CFG file at all - I let it use all the defaults.
S0 jumper in place. Nothing else.
The IMG.CFG file is created by FlashFloppy to remember which image was last used, you do not need to do anything with this.
I booted into CP/M Plus 1.4 using the attached DSK file.
I only use DSK files and was able to run programmes in several other DSK files with no problem.
Hope that helps.


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